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The Bellavista House is located in the heart of the historic village of Atena Lucana whose name was inspired by the wonderful surroundings. The modern and original furnishings not only guarantee the best comfort and amenities but also combine style with history.

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in the heart of the Vallo di Diano

Home – The Bellavista House

Original and modern furniture

Home – The Bellavista House

In middle of an ancient village

Home – The Bellavista House

Convenience, comfort and tradition

In the heart of the ancient village of Atena Lucana

Bella Vista House Bellavista House was built in the heart of the historic village of Atena Lucana.

The name is inspired by the gorgeous environment that surrounds it. New and original in its decor with a unique choice of interiors that not only offers the best amenities and all comforts (washing machine, fridge, wifi, TV, …) but also combines style and history.

The apartment is on two floors, the living area on the ground floor with a complete kitchen and in the living room a large window overlooking a fantastic panorama and the surrounding mountains. On the first floor is the sleeping area with a unique bathroom, ideal for moments of relaxation. To round off the experience spacious and free parking spaces on the property are available

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Caves of Pertosa Auletta (within 10 min.)

Located in the massif of the Alburni Mountains, the Pertosa-Auletta Caves are one of the central geosites of the Cilento Geopark and have two unique features: they are the only caves in Italy where it is possible to see an underground river (the Negro) at the same time they are also the only ones in Europe to discover the remains of a pile-dwelling village from the second millennium BC.

You will have the possibility of a fascinating boat tour on the river in which you will be immersed in a magical silence, broken only by the sound of downpours from the underground waterfall.

The visit allows you to explore the caves and cavities that nature has formed over thousands of years.

Certosa di Padula (within 15 min.)

The Padula Charterhouse or San Lorenzo is a charterhouse in Padula in the Vallo di Diano in the province of Salerno. It is the first Charterhouse to be built in Campania, anticipating those of San Martino in Naples and San Giacomo in Capri.

With an area of 51,500 m², three cloisters, a garden, a courtyard and a church, it is one of the most magnificent baroque monumental complexes in southern Italy, as well as the largest charterhouse in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.

Since 1957 it has housed the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Western Lucania; In 1998 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Archeological Museum ( <5 min)

The "Elena d'Alto" Archaeological Museum of Atena Lucana is a novelty in the cultural offering of the area.

The Museum displays a series of artefacts inside the nineteenth-century rooms of the former town hall. You will be able to find a selection of necropolis grave goods belonging to the period between the 7th and 6th centuries. to. C., from ceramics with geometric decorations of indigenous production to vases with red-figure decorations from the Lucanian age.

In the area dedicated to the Roman age you will find an imposing inscription created on the paving stones that paved the forum, statues and funerary stones sculpted and inscribed from the Republican and Imperial ages.


Classic and modern tourism

Atena Lucana is the oldest town in Vallo di Diano. Its history dates back to Magna Graecia.

Under Lucanian domination it was one of the 12 city states and then became part of the Roman orbit with such great importance that the Diano Valley received the name Campus Atina (mentioned even by Pliny the Elder and Marco Tullio Cicero). The city then lived through the Middle Ages witnessing the terrible earthquake of 1561 and the plague of 1656.

The city took part in the Jacobin uprisings in 1799 and today preserves its history in the village, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, palaces and military architecture. There are also the walls from the 6th century BC. which extend in an inscriptional path over the archaeological area in Serrone.

In addition from Atena it is possible to visit the neighboring sites such as the Pertosa Caves, the Castelcivita Caves, the Auso Waterfall (Ottati) and the Certosa di Padula. The Tanagro river, Sasso di Castalda with the Tibetan bridge “Alla Luna”, La Sellata with its paths, the Angel’s Flight and the Castelmezzano via ferrata also invite to outdoor activities.

Bellavista House
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